Output Devices

Output devices allow you to take your files beyond the screen. One of the most common types is the printer. We have two types of output devices at I.M.A.G.E.: printers and a film recorder. With our printers, you can output images onto paper and photo quality paper in both black & white and color. Our film recorder allows you to take your files and create color slides and high resolution black & white negatives to make photographic prints. Below are a few notes about each of our devices and your options for output.

Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4Si Printer-  This networked printer quickly produces 600dpi resolution print outs.

Epson Stylus Photo EX Printer-  This color inkjet printer can produce 1440dpi images on paper, glossy paper, and transparencies.


Solitaire 8xp Film Recorder-  This high resolution recorder exposes images to film for slides and negatives.  We use color positive film for our 35mm module with clear, 4 kilobyte slides.  From our 4x5 inch film format module, we produce high resolution black & white negatives from which we can create rich photographic prints for posters and publications.  The Solitaire is accessible over the network using the Jetstream downloader.  There are specific settings and dimensions necessary to output files using the film recorder.

Pictured left: Solitaire 8xp with 35mm film head.

Feel free to drop by to view examples!






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