"This morning was heralded by the return of the Varied Thrush "dawn chorus" on the Mendenhall Peninsula overlooking Auke Bay. At least 5 different individuals singing at 06:45 - 07:00 around the neighborhood. This is kinda cool since there is no question (?!) that this was the first day for singing by this species in this area; I have been listening for them for the last week or so on a daily basis in the early mornings. That means they were either already here but didn't sing until today, OR that yesterday +/or last night a "wave" of them arrived and immediately started setting up their territories.

Either way, this is clearly (?!) another ENSO 98 signal, based on my records of first singing for Varied Thrush at Auke Bay. Varied Thrush dates of first "singing": a two week spread, except for ENSO 1998: 2/27/98; versus 3/20/94; 3/21/92; 3/30/97; 4/2/95; 4/7/96

Also, for Blue Grouse dates of first "hooting": only a one week spread, except for ENSO 1998 (based on Bruce Wright hearing them last weekend): 2/22/98 (Bruce Wright); 3/28/94; 3/30/97; 4/1/95; 4/3/96" -- --Gus VanVliet <GVanVlie@envircon.state.ak.us at >

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