Southam News: "Environment Canada says this year's spring, marked both by early blossoms and persistent forest fires, was the warmest over officially recorded in this country. The average temperature in Canada over the past three months was more than 3.1 'C above normal, making it the warmest spring the country has experienced since 1948 when a network of weather stations was established to record temperatures nationwide. The first five months of the year were the warmest ever recorded in Canada, with temperatures averaging 3'C above normal. The second warmest five months on record occurred in 1987 when temperatures between January and May were 2.4'C above normal. (SECTION DELETED) In Canada, the warm spring has been marked by reduced rainfall (4.7 percent less precipitation than normal) and an increased number of forest fires. Northern Alberta and northern Ontario have been particularly hard hit."-- Scott Nudds af329@JAMES.HWCN.ORG VIA owner-ecolog-l@UMDD.UMD.EDU

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