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Requirements for a B.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

SPECIFIC requirements of the B.S. degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (excluding UCI breadth requirements) are as follows (always check the current catalogue for potential updates):

All University Requirements

All Biological Sciences School requirements in the Physical Sciences and Humanities.

Biological Sciences

Bio Core:94, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100L, 194S
Bio 114 and 116
Bio labs 114L and 116L, and one additional laboratory selected from 121L, 124L or 1 year of eligible 199 (research) approved by the Faculty Board
Four satellite courses (two must be from Biological Sciences) from the following: Bio 120A, 121, 122, 123A, 124, 125, 128, 137A-B, 140, 144A, 145A, or 147.  Chemistry 128, 130A-B-C, or 131 A-B-C

Two additional upper division courses selected from Bio 107 to 110, Bio 117 to 189, or Chemistry 128, 130 A-B-C, or 131 A-B-C


Physical Sciences

Chem 1A-B-C (or H2A-B-C), 1LB-LC, 51A-B-C/51LA-LB (or 52A-B-C/52LA-LB)
Physics 3A-B-C/3LB-LC, or 7A-B and 7D or 7E/7LA-LB
Math 2A-B, and one course from Math 2D or 2J or 7 or Bio 7



Humanities 1A-B-C or its alternative, the lower division writing requirement of the breadth requirements (Category I) and an approved three-quarter series of courses in the humanities. A current list of approved courses is kept in the Biological Sciences Student Affairs Office.

UCI breadth requirements

The major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is designed to provide ample opportunity for students to fulfill all breadth requirements needed for the B.S.

  • Students majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology who have completed the School requirements and who have passed any two quarters of the writing requirement of the Humanities Core or its alternative with a grade of C or better will have satisfied Category IV, Humanistic Inquiry breadth requirement.

·         Humanities Core (Humanities1A-B-C) or its alternative also satisfies the lower-division writing requirement when two quarters are completed with a grade of C or better. Completing Biological Sciences 100LW or other approved Bio Sci writing courses with a grade of C or better satisfies the upper-division writing requirement, which is also required for transfer students.

·         Required courses in chemistry and physics satisfy Category II, Natural Sciences. Also, Category V, Mathematics and Symbolic Systems, is satisfied by the completion of the School mathematics requirement.

·         The Category III, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Category VI, Language Other Than English; and Category VII, Multicultural Studies and International/Global Issues, requirements are normally satisfied by taking courses totaling about 28 units. A Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major who follows the recommended program in the first three years and who takes a normal load of 16 units each quarter for the last two years will have 44 elective units with which to satisfy the UCI breadth requirement during the last two years.