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The School of Biological Science

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The Program in the Freshman and Sophomore Years

THE Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major does not diverge from the general Biological Sciences major prior to the end of the second year.

Students interested in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology should normally enter UCI as Biological Sciences majors and follow the basic Biological Sciences program during the first two years. Thus, prospective majors should take 94, 96, and freshman seminar in their first year along with Chemistry 1A-B-C and the associated labs, Chemistry 1LB-LC and the Humanities Core or one of the aternatives approved for the Biological Sciences major.

This should be followed in the second year with Bio 97, 98, and 99 and the introductory Bio lab, 100LW, together with organic chemistry (Chem 51 A-B-C and associated labs Chem 51LA-LB) and calculus/statistics (Math 2A-B and third quarter Math 2D or Math 7).