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Major in Biochemisty & Molecular Biology

The Chemical and Physical Basis of the Biological World

THE twentieth century is referred to as the technological century, although a more accurate description is the century of scientific understanding. The profound knowledge we have gained of the physical world is widely appreciated. However, the recent application of chemical and physical principles to the biological world has resulted in an equally profound understanding.

Thanks to the application of biochemistry and molecular biology we now know how genes work, how enzymes are able to carry out complex and utterly specific reactions, and, most importantly, how organisms regulate the expression of their genes and biological processes to allow complex behavior, fight disease, and utilize environmental resources.  We face the promise of a new technological revolution for the 21st century based on biotechnology.

In recognition of the fundamental importance of molecular biosciences, the Department of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry and the School of Biological Sciences are sponsoring a new undergraduate major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. This major features an advanced exploration of molecular biosciences that emphasizes both the application of chemical principles to biology and practical, hands-on laboratory experience.

Who Will Benefit From this Major?

The major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has been designed with sufficient flexibility in upper division requirements to accommodate a wide variety of interests ranging from biological chemistry to molecular biology and genetics. It has also been designed specifically to articulate with the Chemistry major and is the most appropriate major for those wishing to major jointly in both Chemistry and in the Biological Sciences. This major, thus, provides the rigorous training necessary for successful entry to graduate and professional programs in the medical and biological sciences.

The application of technology and the scientific understanding underlying it has not been an unmixed blessing. Pollution, disease, war, and environmental threats continue to be our companions. But if, as has often been lamented, technology is a source of environmental and social problems, surely the better understanding of the impact of technology on our biological world will provide us with tools to palliate those problems. Majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology will provide resources for serious students wishing to use a solid background in modern biology for career goals in business, law, public policy, education and other pursuits. With it and others like it, the promise of the 21st century can be realized.