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Herpes simplex virus Research

Animations of steps of HSV Infection and Replication

HSV DNA Replication

HSV initiates rounds of DNA replication at one or all of the three origins of replication (Ori 1, Ori 2, and Ori 3). The initial step of HSV DNA replication is denaturation of the DNA at the replication origin with origin binding protein (UL9).  The helicase/primase (UL5/UL8/UL52) and single stranded DNA binding proteins (UL29) associate to allow the DNA polymerase/UL42 complex to begin DNA synthesis.

Once new strand growth progresses, the circular replication structure is nicked to form a rolling circle intermediate.  Long concatemeric strands of progeny DNA are encapsidated by the interaction of cleavage/packaging proteins with the specific packaging signals ("a" sequences) at the end of the viral genomes.

Illustration and Flash animations by
Karin Christensen
Scientific, Medical and Veterinary Illustration.

The animations are available for download for classroom teaching.