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Herpes simplex virus Research

Animations of steps of HSV Infection and Replication

Files for Download

The animations of the steps of HSV infection are available as a free download. The files may only be used for classroom teaching. They may not be posted to any other website without permission from the author.

The files can be used in PowerPoint presentations or play as standalone projectors from either PC's or Mac's. The collections of files are zipped or stuffed.

PC swf files for use in PowerPoint presentations 452 Kb
PC exe standalone files 2.7 Mb
Mac swf files for use in PowerPoint presentations 761 Kb
Mac hqx standalone files (these files must be further expanded for use after downloading) 4 Mb

More information and instructions for integrating swf files into PowerPoint can be found at the Macromedia website.

The size of the animations is 400 wide X 295 high. You will need this information for the PowerPoint settings.

Illustration and Flash animations by
Karin Christensen
Scientific, Medical and Veterinary Illustration.