Tropical Forest Restoration

Three-dimensional animated view of the terrain in our first field experiment, "Blocks '93".

Terrain as well as erosion affect growth of our experimental tree seedlings. This view should be compared to the two dimensional diagram in:
Carpenter, F.L., J.D. Nichols, R.T. Pratt, and K.C. Young. 2004. Methods of facilitating reforestation of tropical degraded land with the native timber tree, Terminalia amazonia. Forest Ecology and Management 202: 281-291.

The grid represents 45 parcels distributed in 5 experimental blocks. The field station is shown in red at the top for scale; it measures 7X16 meters. The view is toward the north, with blocks 4 and 5 on the left and block 1 on the right. The topography shows the steepness of blocks 1 and 2 compared to the others.

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