The Environmental News Network reports that despite NOAA claims that 1997 was the warmest year in history, blaming greenhouse gases in part, the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) reports that 1997 was one of the coldest years since 1979, part of a slight downward trend over the last twenty years, based on satellite data. Using ground-based and ocean data, NOAA researchers concluded that 1997 was 0.15 degrees (C ?) warmer than the previous hottest year. However, SEPP blamed urban heating of ground sites and the 1997/1998 ENSO event for the heating. Patrick Michaels, STATE climatologist for Virginia, predicts that global temperatures will soon lower significantly ,as the inverse of El Nino, La Vieja or La Nina, cools the oceans. --Contact Candace C. Crandall <crandall@sepp.org> for further details.