"In contrast to the seabirds, however, heavy winter and spring rains (associated with the rains being reported for California) have apparently resulted in some of the finest and lushest desert vegetation seen for years. This will apparently be a rich year for terrestrial birds such as Harris hawks, red-tailed hawks, California quail, northern mockingbirds, various flycatchers and other species (the ranchers in Baja California are not complaining either). Data on most terrestrial species are anecdotal other than HAHA, RTHA, CORA, AMKE, and LOSH, which have been censused through roadside surveys in northern Baja California through the same series of ENSOs. We predict conditions to return to "normal" (average) in the next year or two. It should be noted that all results reported here are so far preliminary, and monitoring will continue through July 1998.""-- Dan Anderson <fzdanand@mailbox.ucdavis.edu>.

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