"I am a conservation biologist who has been living and working in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico for the last two years at the Instituto de Ecologia. We have a conservation project currently in progress along the Gulf Coast of Veracruz. This isn't a technical report, but rather a personal anecdote of sorts. The drought here in Veracruz (and elswhere in Mexico) is pretty severe. For example, entire lagoon systems at our project site have completely dried up. Fires and smoke up in the mountains of El Cofre de Perote, on the inland road to Mexico City, are periodically visible here in Xalapa. The haze that has long been hanging down around the coast has now moved up and into the temperate "rain" forests here around Xalapa. These hazes (called "bruma") are now regularly causing the closure of the international airport at the port of Veracruz."--Dan Bennack bennack@sun.ieco.conacyt.mx.

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