24 JUNE 1998. MEXICO: DROUGHT "Just wanted to update you on the drought situation here in this part of Mexico. In Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, where I live, and here at the Instituto de Ecologia, we've finally had the onset of the spring rainy season (el aguacero). It started yesterday and the day before with some hard, driving rains. According to the locals, the onset of this year's rains (which we all hope this is) was delayed about 6 weeks. It normally begins somewhere around mid-May. Incidentally, it's also the first rain we've had here in over two months, a situation hardly normal for a temperate cloud forest. (I guess I've got a personal stake in the rain events because I have two large vegetable gardens that I'm trying to maintain!)"--Dan Bennack bennack@sun.ieco.conacyt.mx.

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