Karen Gryzbowski and I are members of the team working on a project at Algarrobo (central Chile), and were there this past May and June. We can send you specific dates etc, if you need them, but essentially torrential rains that persisted for approximately 6 weeks caused nearly total abandonment of the colony at Algarrobo. Alejandro Simeone and Mariano Bernal, who have been monitoring the island for us, stated that prior to the storms in May, there were over 200 active nests on the island. By the time I left June 24th, we found one bird with two chicks remaining ("Island" also includes the rock breakwater extending from the east side of the island). This bird had its nest in a very protected rock crevice on the eastern aspect of the island. Many of the dirt burrows collapsed from the rains, but the waves were so high that a majority of the south side of the island was flooded by the ocean itself. -- Roberta Wallace <rwallace@omnifest.uwm.edu>

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