22 SEPTEMBER. PERU: CLIMATE The past week Puno had temperatures of 20 C (high for area) and no rain. Arequipa had moderate to heavy rains with thunderstorms. Moderate rains on the coast between Atico and Camaná (Dept. Arequipa) with some landslides. Amazonia, normally hot had above normal temperatures. Light rains in Piura, but heavy rains in Machala, Ecuador. In Lima, August was a warm month. September has turned out to be cool (not cold) month with the typical "garúa" or light drizzle. However, we are having frequent constant light rain all night and part of the day. The fishermen at Chorillos (just south of downtown Lima) are practically out of work due to lack of cold water fish. The same is true along most of the Peruvian coast. Yesterday, Marcona (near Nazca) had more than 40 hours of drizzle rain and has affected dirt roads and local houses not built for rain in a desert coast where supposedly it never rains. The Servicio Nacional de Meterologia e Hidrologia (SENAMHI) states that sea temperature is 3 to 4 degrees above normal. It is being predicted that heavy rains may start occurring as early as October/November and that El Niño may last until next March. Also devastating drught and below zero temperatures in the high parts of Puno, Cuzco, Huancavelica, Ayacucho. Twenty additional weather stations have been installed in Cuzco, Abancay (Huancavelica) and Madre de Dios.--Manuel Plenge <MAPlenge@southernperu.com.pe>

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