Guatemala: "I am a consultant for agriculture. I work with different crops, coffee, sugar cane, rubber, corn, soybean, banana, etc. We had a mild rainy season this year compared to the last two years. But mild regarding the amount of water we got through the normal rainy season, which goes, depending on the country region, from May to October. This year the distribution was the same but with fewer days of rain, so there were through the season several periods of 5 to 8 days with no rain, that was not a problem for the crops, because we had enough water and distribution. But now we are experiencing a very strange situation. We are at the middle of November and we have rain in all the country. Even in regions that are very drought. This is not normal. If you like I can get rain data and send it to you, from different parts of the country. This rain is affecting coffee harvest season, sugar harvest will start the end of November but if it continues raining it will cause a lot of damage".--Juan Enrique Leal <agrosgua@pronet.net.gt>.

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