Jalisco, Mexico, La Manzanilla, Tinicatata Bay, North of Barra de Navidad, 19o17' N 104o44' W, Air temperature: 80oF, Water temperature: 80oF. According to a local fishing guide, the waters are warmer than normal, and the fish have yet to show up. Normally he would catch dorado, sailfish, and yellowfin(?) tuna but they were few and far in between. Flying fish should have been seen. We saw none. Brown Pelicans were abundant, but we saw only a half dozen boobies (there should have been many), and never saw one diving for food. We saw one sailfish hit a surface longline about 4 mile offshore. While seakayaking, I saw two phalaropes (Wilson's?) dead in the water.We also observed a couple dead bird blobs on a half mile stretch of beach.--Jim Reed < jpreed@efn.org>

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