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Marine Biodiversity : Patterns and Processes by Rupert F. G. Ormond (Editor), John D. Gage (Editor), and Martin V. Angel.  Cambridge Univ Press, 1998.  Our Price: $74.95 Song for the Blue Ocean : Encounters Along the World's Coasts and Beneath the Seas by Carl Safina.  List: $30.00; Our Price: $21.00 
Deep-Ocean Journeys : Discovering New Life at the Bottom of the Sea by Cindy Lee Van Dover.  Perseus Press, 1997. List Price: $12.00, Our Price: $9.60
The Universe Below : Discovering the Secrets of the Deep Sea
by William J. Broad, Dimitry Schidlovsky (Illustrator), Simon & Schuster Books, 1997. List Price: $30.00, Our Price: $21.00
Book Cover Sea Change : A Message of the Oceans
by Sylvia Earle Earle, Joelle Delbourgo (Editor), Sylvia A. Earle, Fawcett Books.1996. List Price: $12.95, Our Price: $10.36
Global Marine Biological Diversity : A Strategy for Building Conservation into Decision Making by Elliott A. Norse  (Editor).  Island Press, 1993. Our Price: $58.00. Deep Atlantic : Life, Death, and Exploration in the Abyss by Richard Ellis. Knopf, 1996. List Price: $35.00, Our Price: $24.50
Greenlanders, Whales, and Whaling : Sustainability and Self-Determination in the Arctic (Arctic Visions)  by Richard A. Caulfield.  1997, Dartmouth College; 224 pages. Our Price: $35.00  Life History and Ecology of the Gray Whale by Dale W. Rice (1971). Our Price: $6.00 + $1.85 special surcharge. Paperback. Amer Soc. Mammalogists. 

The Gray Whale : Eschrichtius Robustus by Mary Lou Jones, Steven L. Swartz, Stephen Leatherwood (Editor). 1984, Academic Press; Our Price: $104.00 
Cod : A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World by Mark Kurlansky. Excellent, highly readable account of the significance of cod in world history, and of the 500-year decline of one of the world's most abundant food resources to its commercial extinction. List: $21.00; Our Price: $14.70 The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs
Peter F. Sale (Editor). Academic Press, 1994. Our Price: $45.00
Hand book of Turtles : The Turtles of the United States, Canada, and Baja California (Comstock Classic Handbooks) by Archie Fairly Carr, J. Whitfield Gibbons. Cornell Univ Press, 1995. Our Price: $39.95 The Sea Turtle : So Excellent a Fishe by Archie Carr. University of Texas Press, 1986. List Price: $18.95, Our Price: $15.16
And the Waters Turned to Blood : The Ultimate Biological Rodney Barker. A melodramatic account of the outbreaks of toxic dinoflagellates (the "Cell from Hell" or Pfeisteria piscicida) on the east coast of the U.S. in the 1990s. List: $13.00; Our Price: $10.40 Global Ecological Consequences of the 1982-83 El Nino-Southern Oscillation (Elsevier's Oceanography Series, 52) by P.W. Glynn (Editor) List: $178.75; Our Price: $178.75 
The Enchanted Braid : Coming to Terms With Nature on the Coral Reef by Osha Gray Davidson.  John Wiley & Sons, 1988. List Price: $24.95, Our Price: $17.47 Learning to Predict Climate Variations Associated With El Nino and the Southern Oscillation: Accomplishments and Legacies of the Toga Program by National Research Council List: $29.00; Our Price: $29.00 
Turning the Tide : Saving the Chesapeake Bay by Tom, Horton, William M. Eichbaum (Contributor). Island Press; 1991. List Price: $18.95, Our Price: $15.16
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