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        IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals
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        Class: AMPHIBIA
        Order: ANURA
        Family: BUFONIDAE

        Species: Bufo boreas
        Red List: EN A1ce (World Conservation Monitoring Centre)
        Distribution: Canada, Mexico, USA

        Order: CAUDATA
        Family: AMBYSTOMATIDAE

        Species: Ambystoma lermaense
        Common: Ajolote del Lago Lerma (S), Ambystome du lac Lerma (F), Lake Lerma Salamander (E)
        Red List: CR B1+2c (World Conservation Monitoring Centre)
        Distribution: Mexico

        Species: Ambystoma mexicanum
        Common: Ajolote mexicano (S), Ambystome du Mexique (F), Axolotl (E), Axolotl (F), Salamandre du Mexique (F)
        Red List: VU D2 (World Conservation Monitoring Centre)
        Distribution: Mexico

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